Manuals Available to Assist Communities with Solid Waste Planning and Education

These have been the best resources I’ve found for integrated solid waste management planning by small remote communities. Unfortunately, some of these resources have gone out of print. When I can, I’ll try to update their locations.

Changing Waste in Changing Times, 1994, Northwest Renewable Resources Center, Seattle. (Shirley Moses, author). Curriculum guide for teachers in rural areas of Alaska, developed with Alaska Health Project. Copies available through Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC).

Trash Management Guide, 1992, Anchorage: Alaska Health Project. (Margaret Drumm) A guide for completing a solid waste management plan for small, rural Villages in Alaska. Copies available through ADEC.

Landfills in the Bush: A Guide to Opening, Maintaining, and Closing Remote Solid Waste Sites, 1996, Association of Village Council Presidents, Inc. (Alicia Porter and Fredianne Gray). Copies available through AVCP, Inc. (907 543-3521 or 800 478-3521) or US EPA’s Alaska office in Anchorage (1-800- 781-0984)

Solid Solutions in Rural Alaska, 1996, US EPA. (Terri Stocks). A guide for individuals, schools, and communities to reduce their solid waste, as a part of a community’s solid waste management program. Copies available through EPA’s Alaska office in Anchorage (1-800- 781-0984).

Manual for Assessment of Open Dumping on Indian Lands: Site Closure and Management. 1996, Bureau of Indian Affairs. (Lynn Zender and George Tchobanoglous). Copies available from BIA Portland Area Office, (503 231-6809) or ADEC.

Taking Charge—Sanitation Strategies for Rural Communities (A Resource for Effective Local Planning), 1998, Univ. of Alaska Southeast/Sitka. (Jeffrey Richardson) The guide focuses on wastewater facilities but the principles of community planning will be useful for solid waste management planning. Copies available from John Carnegie, Ph.D., (907 747-7755 or 1-800-478-6653) or ADEC or

Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Arctic, 1997, Finnish Ministry of the Environment. (Arctic Environment Protection Strategy). Available through ADEC or from Richard Wilderman, US MMS (703-787-1670). Also in pdf format or

Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Planning in Small Island Developing States in the Pacific Region, 1999, Apia, Samoa: South Pacific Regional Environmental Programme (SPREP). ISBN-982-04-0200-X. Possibly available through ADEC or contact SPREP at PO Box 240, Apia, Samoa, e-mail sprep AT, website:
[While it may not seem obvious that the small island nations and western Alaska have many issues in common, we do have attributes of low-elevation communities, very small habitable areas, surrounded by water, no roads (except in winter but only between villages), rapid population growth and consumerism, etc.]

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  1. Some of the Alaska materials may be available for loan from ATTAC Lending Library

    ATTAC maintains a lending library of books and videos in a variety of water and wastewater subjects. If you live in Alaska and are interested in receiving a book or video please call (888) 750-3823 or check them out using our online form. Items may be borrowed for a period of 45 days.

    SPREP has their handbook for sale at
    Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Management Planning in Small Island Developing States in the Pacific Region

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