Girl Scout Hovercrafts

GS AKHovercrafts Handouts

This is a handout for Girl Scout Women of Science and Technology Day, held 2006 February 18 in Bethel, Alaska (Susitna Council . We had great fun testing ideas of friction and Newton’s third law, from Kindergarteners to intermediate school girls (and adults).

powering up the hovercraft

The last page of the handout is from Howtoons (see URL in the GS AKHovercrafts

Alaska Hovercraft (Lynden) kindly sponsored the handout reproduction.

(see more about the Alaska Hovercraft,

2009-08-15 From bOING-bOING comes links to the 50th anniversary of the hovercraft–
Hovercraft’s 50th anniversary and a human-powered version

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4 responses to “Girl Scout Hovercrafts

  1. Speaking of plastic soda bottles and science projects–
    This is a neat idea from Taiwan schoolchildren in their science class (not the $200 model but the free one) BoingBoing finds all sorts of neat stuff.

    Boing Boing: Anti- mosquito device kills 1200 bugs/night


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  3. Thanks for leaving this as a link on my blog. Great timing! I’m actually teaching Newton’s laws of motion to my jr. high science classes right now! Plus, the hovercraft comes out to Kasigluk and is a relevant application for the kids. Thanks.

  4. @ Victoria:

    I figured the kids might like the hovercraft stuff. If they get interested in writing up a summary or even explaining the hovercraft in Yup’ik (Elders sometimes ride out for berries or fishing), they can post it here for others to learn, or over at the science site

    One thing we found out with attaching the spout to the CD is that silicone or pitch or hot glue might work better than Elmer’s or Super Glue (too brittle)

    Victoria is a Tundra Teacher, blogging here,