Inhalation Anthrax Associated with Dried Animal Hides

“Inhalation Anthrax Associated with Dried Animal Hides — Pennsylvania and New York City, 2006”

Interviews were conducted with the patient, his family, and his colleagues. The patient made traditional African drums by using hard-dried animal hides (e.g., air-dried until brittle enough to crack) obtained in NYC from importers who primarily sold African goat and cow hides. Making the drums involved soaking hides for 1 hour in water and then scraping hair from the hides with a razor, which reportedly generated a large amount of aerosolized dust in the patient’s workspace as the hides dried. The man did not wear any personal protective equipment (e.g., mask or gloves) while working. After working on the hides, he usually returned home to his apartment and immediately removed his clothing and showered.

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