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Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show

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“Friday morning people from various pueblos hustled in the hot sun to prepare for the weekend’s 35th Annual Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show.” This link no longer works.

A direct link to this year’s show is

My apologies. There has not been a permanent link to ENIPC, Inc or to the show so I was pleased to find this one. However, evidently the link now belongs to a cyber squatter. This is too bad because more and more people rely on the world-wide web to start contacting people and organizations. [As readers coming here are aware] If anyone knows of the new webpage, please let me know.

The Santa Fé New Mexican website isn’t any help either, that I can find.

The Artisans and Craftsmen Show is held the third week in July. The permanent grounds are located in Okay-Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo) between Santa Fé and Taos.

The name has changed but it is still the best opportunity to see contemporary arts and crafts and to speak with the artisans and craftspeople.

from the state of NM visitor center–

The show is the weekend of July 19-20, 2008

Try this phone number 505-747-1593

The show venue lies 25 miles north of Santa Fé via US 84/285 and one mile north of Española on NM 68.

Have fun. Be sure to have the mutton sandwich.

Bepuwave, visitors, some 400 plus now. If I can provide better information for next year, please let me know in the comments. Please say hello to folks for me (I’m currently just 80 miles upstream from the Bering Sea).

Highway locations of the eight northern Indian Pueblos

Highway locations of the eight northern Indian Pueblos

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Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist

By Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post Staff Writer, Thursday, July 13, 2006 or 2006/07/12/AR2006071201883.html

I hope this article gets widely noticed (I also need to find the original). Two primary points–

Barres said he has realized from personal experience that many men are unconscious of the privileges that come with being male, which leaves them unable to countenance talk of glass ceilings and discrimination.

This is a very difficult concept to express to others (especially to men who honestly believe they don’t discriminate against women). I have tried to use the example of colleagues, or mentors and proteges, who discuss their project animatedly and enthusiastically, while on the way to the restroom….

Barres said the switch had given him access to conversations that would have excluded him previously.

If one wants to know what majority institutions and governments think of ethnic minorities (i.e., Native and non-Native or Hispano and non-Hispano) ask an Anglo / Gussack / Pakeha trained in participant / observation who’s been in “both worlds”.

“Science is a human activity”

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Public involvement references

I put together a set of references on the technical field of public involvement, risk communication, etc.
Getting Results from Your Experts –

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