Interim rural solid waste management II

Diagrams and annotated aerial photos, transferred by fax

Here are my crude and rude sketches as suggestions for immediate action at the dump. The overall idea is to use the signs and the physical grading (the trench, backdirt piles, cleared active cell) to welcome (and steer) people and thus their garbage to just one area for disposal. An area 10 ft by 20ft may be enough room for this winter season, especially if people burn their paper and cardboard in home fireplaces or stoves and just dispose of ash and unburnables. However, you may need to adjust the dimensions to fit the space available (maybe 10 ft by 40 ft) or build a smaller or larger cell. You don’t want too big an area.

A shallow trench just wide enough for the equipment to work in (10 ft wide? I’m not that familiar with heavy equipment blade sizes nor with how much room they need to operate in) might be the easiest way to start filling in the new solid waste cell. Burning shouldn’t be allowed at the dump, but you might want to make sure the active cell is farther than 50 ft from the trees.

If you can’t dig a trench, then trash can be placed on the surface. The cover stockpile will act as “walls” for the cell. If you have any spare snow fence or know someone who can build temporary pole/sapling fencing, that might help to keep litter from blowing and to direct people.

The original sketches/photocopy are coming by mail. I hope these pages help. Any suggestions for how I can do a better visit? Any suggestions for what didn’t work so well?

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