SWMP field inspection form

The original hard copy inspection form was reformatted for consistency and accuracy. It was also intended for use by people who did not ordinarily inspect rural landfills (e.g., IHS engineers, department sanitarians, local community).

The form was setup as a MS Word template so each community’s inspection would have a fresh form. There’s cheat sheet notes to correlate the inspection checklist item with the relevant regulation [no longer accurate]. At the office end, it was nice to find all the needed information in the same place on each of the forms in each of the community files. (Also, made it easier to transfer to an electronic database.) MS Word allowed “keywords” to be added to the document properties which corresponded to the “categories” of MS Outlook. I developed a standardized set of these categories which enabled integration of the information across the contacts database, hard copy file, and statewide landfill database.

The document is here as a regular MS Word document.
click to save | Rural Solid Waste Landfill Field Inspection form |

The original field form was kept in the central office file. A final copy of the form was returned to the community and one kept with the report in the central office.

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