SWMP Field rating guidelines

Example of guidelines to accompany the rural inspection form. The reasoning behind the ratings as well as the relevant statutes were noted.

1. Permit or Solid Waste Management Plan:

Goal: Class III permits or solid waste plans provide guidance for safe siting, operation and closure of landfills which protect health and the environment.

Reason: Many rural landfills have been open dumps with no control of dumping, including hazardous materials, and no soil cover to control disease vectors or wildlife scavenging. Litter and odor have been a problem, as has dumping into wetlands. Adherence to the stipulations of permits and plans reduces these problems.

Rating Guidelines: (Maximum of 10 points)

    (10) A current approved Class III Permit or Solid Waste Management Plan exists for the facility.

    ( 0) No plan or permit exists for the facility.

Regulation: A solid waste permit is required for disposal of solid waste, and for the construction and operation of a landfill or a solid waste treatment facility (18 AAC 60.200(1)). For communities that cannot meet the requirements of 18 AAC 60, the Department will accept a Solid Waste Management Plan in lieu of a permit to construct a new facility (ADEC Field Directive, November 30, 1990).

2. Limited Access:
Goal: Access to a sanitary landfill shall be limited to those times when an attendant is on duty and only for disposing of solid waste.

Reason: If public access to the site is not controlled, scavenging, burning, shooting and indiscriminant dumping commonly occur.

Rating Guidelines: (Maximum of 5 points)

    (5) Access to the site by unauthorized persons is prohibited at all times. The landfill area is surrounded by a fence with a locking gate. Hours of operation are scheduled.

    (3) Site is surrounded by berms or is partially fenced. A gate is present but is not locked. Hours of operation are scheduled.

    (1) A gate is present, but no berms or fences present to control access. Gate is unlocked, or if locked, people drive around it. Hours of operation are scheduled.

    (0) No effort is made to control access to the site.

Regulation: Control public access to the site. If the site is on a major road system, unauthorized vehicles must be prevented from dumping there. This may be done by berms, fencing, and gates (18 AAC 60.220(1,2)).

etc. See SWMP field inspection form

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