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Yekaterinburg Alaskan Icon Exhibition for 200th Anniversary of American-Russian Diplomatic Relations

Prof. Lydia Black has asked that I publicize the evident need for Orthodox icons made by Alaska Natives and other Native Americans for a special bicentennial exhibit. These could be contemporary examples or historic. I’m guessing icons by unknown Native artists or iconographers would be of interest, as well.

The only information I have is what is listed below. Please contact Dr. Strohmeyer directly. However, it would be interesting, eventually, to know more about the exhibit and especially about the iconographers uncovered.


The new year– the 200th Anniversary of American-Russian Diplomatic Relations– has begun and we do not have sufficient photographs of Orthodox icons created by Native-American artists.

Yekaterinburg is the site of the Church of the Blood and is an especially sympathetic venue for iconography and for the cultural significance of the creation of icons.

For the exhibit to be a success we need to have at least 30 exemplars ranging from the period of Russian rule to the present. Please send anything that you have to us as soon as possible so that we can start the mundane work of mounting and annotation.


Dr. Virgil Strohmeyer, PAO
US Consulate General, Yekaterinburg, Russia
+7 (343) 379.4760
+7 (343) 379.4515
email for US Russian consul

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2007-12-26
Dec 03, 2007 Alaska’s Orthodox legacy celebrated in Russia. An art and cultural exhibition highlighting 200 years of Russian-American relations opened this week in Chelyabinsk, reports the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS. Virgil Stromeyer, the U.S. vice consul in Ekaterinburg, said the show was designed to “remember the contribution of Russian missionaries” to the development of relations between the two countries. The exhibit features photos and reproductions of icons painted by Native Alaskan artists. Blogger Matushka Elizabeth has a Web page about the exhibit with links to Alaskan Orthodox texts, and programs by Alaska priest Father Michael Oleksa.

Here’s the link to Matushka Elizabeth’s post, “Alaska’s Orthodox Legacy”

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