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This is a great weekly E-mail newslist of events of interest, notices of regulatory hearings, grants available, training, internships, etc. related to the environment. I put a couple of examples below.

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Want to see some new websites on ARCTIC GLOBAL WARMING? The remarkable, all-volunteer global warming community group in Sitka has launched a wonderfully informative web site at http://www.sitkaglobalwarming.org/ that features valuable information in their five focus areas: energy conservation, home heating, transportation, Alaska statewide issues, and education and outreach. Also, to see the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History excellent website in association with its exhibit: “ARCTIC: A FRIEND ACTING STRANGELY,” go to www.forces.si.edu/arctic.

February 5
Deadline for comments on the draft BRISTOL BAY RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT. This plan will provide a comprehensive framework for managing and allocating uses of the BLM-administered public lands and resources within the Bristol Bay and Goodnews Bay areas of southwest Alaska. The plan will also provide direction for site-specific activity planning in the future. The 23-million-acre Bay planning area includes approximately 3.6 million acres of BLM-administered lands. These are large blocks of land and scattered small tracts. These lands include 1.7 million acres of unencumbered BLM lands, 979,000 acres of Native-selected lands, and 915,000 acres of State-selected lands. Due to overselections, portions of the Native- and State-selected lands will ultimately be retained as public land. For more information, see http://www.blm.gov/ak/ado/BayRMP01.html. The draft EIS is available at http://www.blm.gov/ak/ado/bayrmp/start_here.pdf.

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