Alaska Moravian Church supplies

To make this easier to find, I thought I’d post the information in a separate post.
correct as of 2006
Annual Moravian Church Supplies

Sunday School Commentary (Higley’s)
try first, Far North Christian Bookstore, 1-800-492-0438, ask for Leah

Higley Publishing Corp.
PO Box 5398
Jacksonville, FL 32247-5398
fax 904-396-5087

Daily Texts
Interprovincial Board of Communications
PO Box 1245
Bethlehem, PA 18016-1245
Elzbieta Macdonald, E-mail pubs AT mcnp DOT org
1-800-732-0591, ext. 38
fax 610-866-9223

Wall calendars
318 E 7th Street
Auburn IN 46706
ask for Ms Chris Smith, E-mail casmith AT norwood DOT com
1-800-799-1940 ext 4344, fax 1-800-747-0716

Candles (these traditional beeswax candles are home made, by church elders, on a volunteer basis; not a business)
Moravian Women Candlemakers
PO Box 126
Gnadenhutten, OH 44629
OR contact the Pennsylvania Moravian Book Shop, Inc. 1-888-661-2888

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