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Beautiful Bethel beaches

Beautiful Bethel beaches

First inhabitants were told by the first people not to set up a permanent residence on this bank. They didn’t listen then or now. Many people still think throwing heavy metal contaminated vehicles into a river will save their skivvies.

Beautiful Bethel beaches B

| Where is… Bethel coastline 22nd century |

Beautiful Bethel postcard courtesy of Tom Sadowski and Jimmie Froehlich
Go to where you can click on the “postcards” link.

There, I would like to say would be many postcard stories with which to regale yourself. However, the postcard link does not work because I haven’t even started on that page!

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3rd International Conference on Russian America

from: AnthroAlaska mailing list,

Subject: [AnthroAlaska] REMINDER: 3rd International Conference on Russian America / deadline: August 8-12 in Irkutsk, Russia

This is a reminder that the Third International Conference on Russian America is scheduled for August 8-12 in Irkutsk, Russia. It is being hosted by the Taltsi Museum of Architecture and Ethography, along with collaborating American and Russian institutions. Note that the deadline for papers has been extended. Participants may bring papers with them to the conference in August, so long as they submit a title and biographical information ASAP. For more information, go to the website of the Joint Siberian-Alaskan Research Group on Russian America (JSARGRA) at

This long overdue conference follows those held in Sitka, Alaska in 1979 and 1987.

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