Beautiful Bethel beaches

Beautiful Bethel beaches

First inhabitants were told by the first people not to set up a permanent residence on this bank. They didn’t listen then or now. Many people still think throwing heavy metal contaminated vehicles into a river will save their skivvies.

Beautiful Bethel beaches B

| Where is… Bethel coastline 22nd century |

Beautiful Bethel postcard courtesy of Tom Sadowski and Jimmie Froehlich
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3 responses to “Beautiful Bethel beaches

  1. This post intrigued me, but there is not much information here. A Google search did not turn up anything either. May be just the way I searched, but I am very curious what the story is about vehicles in a river?

  2. Good question. The exact year escapes me and Bethel: the First Hundred Years book is in storage.

    The oxbow of the Kuskokwim River which runs in front of Bethel took several streets out. The city had been using old cars and trucks as bank stabilizers. (As with the large boulders currently used by the Corps of Engineers, this increases the turbulence and can undercut.) When the bank went out, it made news and two classic postcards from Sadowski et al. (The other is Archaeology, Bethel style)

    Here’s a good image of the river in about 1985 (?)

    The work depicted here in 1996 has already been undermined, but no loss of houses yet.

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