Alaska’s state song, both verses wanted

Dave, a reader of Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, was looking for a recording of both verses of the Alaska state song. Ed Darrell, bathtub incarnate, was able to track down a version of Fred Waring’s chorale singing the first verse. To get a copy, contact him at

Does anyone know of an on-line version of the song, both verses? Check out what we’ve found out so far. Also, visit Ed’s great collection on flag etiquette, history, patriotism, etc.

REVISED 2008-05-20 from Daniel Cornwall, Head of Information Services, Alaska State Library,

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Thank you for contacting the Alaska State Library regarding an online version of BOTH verses of Alaska’s State Song. The Alaska Youth Choir sang both verses for the opening session of the Alaska House of Representatives on January 14, 2002. Their song can be found on this archived audio file from Gavel to Gavel:

The song with two verses can be found on this file from 7 min 41 sec TO 10 min 16 sec.

PS– the video of former Lt Governor Fran Ulmer is posted directly at According to Ms Ulmer, she has recorded both verses for the Permanent Fund Corp. Anyone know where these might be posted?

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  2. Here’s a Yup’ik version (from SLED, state library) —

    Mikelnguut Yuarutait Yugcetun / Yup’ik Children’s Songs. Alaska Native Language Center [Fairbanks, AK], 2006. All ages. A book and accompanying CD present Yup’ik children’s songs originall collected by Irene Iitaruaq Reed, Sophie Aangaarraaq Shield, and Ester Nuqaq’aq Green in the 1970’s. The songs are both traditional ones and Yup’ik versions of familiar Western children’s songs as well as the Alaska Flag Song . The book provides introductions by Walkie Charles and Steve Jacobson and also English translations of the songs.

  3. No audio but maybe someone else has the link?


    Once the clock struck 12 in the top of the sixth inning, the game was stopped.

    The Rev. Mary Ann Warden of Barrow sang the Alaska Flag Song, just as she had at Midnight Sun games in the 1970s and 1980s. She performed the song in Inupiaq, and received by far the loudest ovation of the night.

    Next came the ceremonial midnight pitch, handled by former Boston Red Sox great Bobby Doerr, who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1986. Doerr watched his first Midnight Sun Game in 1970 and came back this year for the 100th anniversary.

  4. I have Alaska’s Flag Song on 45 rpm, A side and University of Alaska-fight Song, Band 1, also Alma Mater, Band 2 on the B side.