E Holomoana Käkou I Mua” – Nutes tai dathl ~ To Journey Forward Together

This looks to be a very interesting opportunity in Alaska to find out more about civic groups in Hawai’i and their work on grassroots organization and governance, tradition, sustainability and development, education, and fun. The convention is for registered participants. However, there is a public open house on the evening of the 16th. I put a listing of the workshops and speakers at the bottom in order to give you an idea of the interests of the organization.


October 14 – 19, 2007
Hilton Anchorage – Alaska Ballroom
“E Holomoana Käkou I Mua” – Nutes tai dathl ~ To Journey Forward Together

The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs is a confederation of fifty-two (52) Hawaiian Civic Clubs located throughout the State of Hawai`i and in the States of Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Virginia and Washington State.

We are the oldest community based grass roots Hawaiian organization in Hawai`i, having been formed in 1918 by the then non-voting Delegate to the United States Congress Prince Jonah Kühiö Kalaniana`ole. We are the only Hawaiian organization to have branch clubs outside the State of Hawai`i.

Our objectives are to take an active interest in the civic, economic, health and social welfare of our community; to support programs of benefit to the people of Hawaiian ancestry; to provide a forum for full discussion of all matters of public interest; to honor, fulfill, protect, preserve and cherish all sources, customs, rights and records of the Native Hawaiian ancient traditions, nä `oli a me nä mele, cemetery areas and the historic sites of Native Hawaiians.

Hawai’i kapa cloth border

    Open to the Public– October 16, 2007 (Tuesday)
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Hilton Anchorage

    Hoike Lima Hana Noeau featuring Native Hawaiian Arts & Crafts

  • Hawaiian Games
  • Lauhala Weaving
  • Flower and Ti-Leaf Lei
  • Ipu/Gourd Craft
  • Hawaiian Ulu`uli and Hula
  • Ti Leaf Uses

Speakers and sessions scheduled
Mayor Mark Begich
Ms. Julie E. Kitka, President, Alaska Federation of Natives
Dr. Verlie Ann Malina-Wright, President, National Indian Education Association
Mr. Byron Mallott, Senior Fellow, Alaska Native Policy Center, First Alaskans
Ms. Dee Jay Mailer, Chief Executive Officer, Kamehameha Schools
Mr. Ben Henderson, Deputy to the Chairman, Hawaiian Homes Commission
Mr. Carl Nahua Rose, Executive Director, Association of Alaska School Boards
Mr. Puakea Nogelmeier, Education and Hawaiian Cultural Specialist
Mr. Clyde Namuo, Administrator, Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Ms. Katherine Gottlieb, President & CEO, Southcentral Foundation
Ms. Malia Nobrega, Educator, Media and Technology Specialist, Advocate for Indigenous Peoples Rights
Workshop: Genealogy
Workshop: A Native Warrior Speaks
Workshop: He Inoa No E Kalaniana‘ole Hula Workshop
Workshop: Government 101
Workshop: Alaska Native Healer
Workshop: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Workshop: Business Development for Civic Clubs
Workshop: Nohona Hawaii: Cultural Vibrancy in a Contemporary World
Workshop: 21st Century Challenges: Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
Workshop: Nana I Hawai‘i Ko‘u Mau Maka
Workshop: Culture in the Boardroom: A Huaka‘i
Workshop: Kahili: Standards of Royalty
Workshop: Ho‘ike Lima Hana No‘eau Sponsored by the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association
Workshop: Na Mele Hawaii Ho‘oheno, Favorite Hawaiian Songs
Government Relations Committee Presenter: The Native Hawaiian Reorganization Act
Benefits & Trusts Committee Presenter: Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan
Workshop: Ka Mo‘olelo O Hi‘iakaikapoliopele
Workshop: Native Hawaiian Assets
Workshop: Native Hawaiian Assets
Workshop: Owning a Native Health Care System
Workshop: Nationhood: Ho‘opaepae: Building The Nation From the Ground Up
Workshop: Hawai‘i Maoli: Helping Hawaiians to Build Strong and Healthy Communities

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One response to “E Holomoana Käkou I Mua” – Nutes tai dathl ~ To Journey Forward Together

  1. APRN.org news coverage of the meeting this week (mp3)

    Native Hawaiians in Anchorage learning from Native Alaskans

    Next week the 2007 Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) convention meets in Fairbanks. But since Sunday, Anchorage has been hosting AFN’s Hawaiian counterpart.

    Len Anderson, KSKA – Anchorage