Summary of Third International Conference on Russian America: Irkutsk, August 2007

Here is a brief description of the Third International Conference on Russian America, held in Irkutsk in August. Details, including a program and photos, are available at

. The next conference has been proposed for Alaska in 2010.

Third International Conference on Russian America: Irkutsk, August 2007

In a long overdue follow up to conferences held in Sitka, Alaska in 1979 and 1987, the Third International Conference on Russian America was held in the Irkutsk region of central Siberia from August 8-12, 2007. The first day of the conference was in the City of Irkutsk, the second day in the nearby city of Shelikhov, and the third day at the Taltsi (Talci) Museum of Architecture and Ethnography (30km south of Irkutsk City). The fourth day included a train trip to examine historic architectural features along a portion of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The fifth day consisted of a bus journey to the village of Anga, childhood home of Saint Innocent of Alaska, in the Buriat Republic and a tour of the Shishkino Petroglyph site. The well-attended conference included participants from across Russia as well as France and the Czech Republic.

St Innocent (Ioann Veniaminov birthplace, 2007)

The conference organizing committee drafted seven decisions / resolutions that were placed before participants for a vote on the final day of conference activities in Anga (August 12, 2007). The decisions collectively received an affirmative vote from all present, with no objections. One of the resolutions is to hold conferences at three-year intervals alternating between Russia and the U.S. The Fourth International Conference on Russian America is tentatively planned for Alaska in 2010, with Sitka named as a likely candidate.

Details of the 2007 conference, including photos, resolutions, and program, may be found at:


See St Innocent of Alaska Bicentennial (Ioann Veniaminov)

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