Wind energy workshop Bethel

I hope they discuss small scale (on the household or even a group of households level) and not just municipal wide. Alaska Battery (ABS) has long advocated wind generators for battery storage.

Notice from the excellent WHAT’S UP – January 2, 2008- Compiled Weekly by Peg Tileston
On behalf of the Alaska Women’s Environmental Network (AWEN), Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE), and Alaska Conservation Alliance (ACA)

Deadline January 10 & 11 2008
BETHEL – BETHEL REGIONAL WIND DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP will be held at the Bethel Cultural Center. Following meetings held in Bethel in 2005 and 2006 and in light of rising diesel prices, strong community interest, and successful wind-diesel projects in Toksook Bay and Kasigluk this meeting will bring together leaders from across the Yukon & Kuskokwim River deltas to discuss approaches that can be initiated to expand the use of wind energy throughout this Region. There is no registration fee however we are asking that people register no later that January 3. Limited travel scholarships are available. For more information or to register visit: or contact Hannah Willard of REAP at 907-929-7770 or Martina Dabo of AEA at 907-771-3000. To see the agenda, go to
(pdf file)

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One response to “Wind energy workshop Bethel

  1. I’m not sure where they have this test site, but something to thimk [sic] about. The diagrams are schematic of the problem with air flow around buildings between urban and rural areas. Ever noticed that the smoke which blows over from your neighbors’ or your own chimney is from chimneys less than 3 feet above the roof line?

    Home turbines can’t light a candle
    A puny wind
    By Andrew Orlowski
    Published Monday 7th January 2008 15:28 GMT”