Trash money available SWMP

Not a lot of money for clean-up or closing but the projects eligible are broad.

Solid Waste Management – Region 10 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10, requests proposals for Solid Waste Management Assistance Grants. Projects may include studies, surveys, investigations, demonstrations, training, and public education programs. Project priority areas include: Reducing the generation of municipal solid waste sent to landfills; reducing the environmental impact of new construction through green building techniques; reducing the toxicity of current or future waste streams; reducing market barriers for environmentally preferable goods; and reducing greenhouse gas production with respect to solid waste management. Projects must take place in AK, ID, OR or WA. $120K expected to be available, up to 6 awards anticipated. Responses due deadline 5/19/08. For more info, contact Jeff Hunt at hunt.jeff AT epa DOTgov or go to Refer to Sol# EPA-R10-RCC-2008. ( 4/2/08)

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