Sanitation technology and the disabled

This is too important for just a Tumblr note. Appropriate technology, especially when it comes to clean water and toilet systems, cannot be emphasized enough. It also takes forethought and the ability to put one’s self into another’s position. To practice, try covering your eyes or smearing oil or grease on your glasses. Tie one hand behind your back or hug your neck and try to get up from a chair or commode. Hold pillows in your hands and try to open the door. Wear earplugs and listen to instructions.

Nepal: user-friendly water and sanitation services for the disabled

Traditional coverage of access to basic amenities like water and sanitation has inadvertently excluded the needs of the disabled.

Creating user-friendly water and sanitation services for the disabled: the experience of WaterAid Nepal and its partners, a discussion paper by WaterAid Nepal outlines the problems faced by the disabled in the country in accessing water and sanitation services.

The importance of disability-friendly latrines for dignity and social inclusion […]

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