Tumblred for week of 2008may18

Still having trouble getting the Tumblr digests cleaned up for posting here. However, all posts available at Untitled http://hlthenvt.tumblr.com

The latest from Tumblr Regular Post Digest for hlthenvt (Yahoo)

  • [toilets, water, aging] user-friendly water and sanitation services for the disabled
  • [museums, libraries, heritage] Primary Source, The IMLS E-Mail Newsletter
  • [toilets] Handbook empowering communities to achieve total sanitation
  • [SciTEK, teachers, science] Science in the News Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • [safety, preparedness] Research in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
  • [hygiene, health] The Evolution of Norovirus
  • [bidr flu, pandemic, H5N1] Evolutionary History of H1N1 Influenza A Virus Since 1918
  • [H5N1, preparedness, pandemic] Who gets treated in pandemic?
  • [environment, water] handbooks
  • [health] Study: HPV linked to oral cancer in men

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