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Tumblr Post Digest for hlthenvt

[My apologies for the messy formatting and duplicates. I still can’t get the Yahoo Pipes Cleaner to work properly. It isn’t collecting all requested and doesn’t clean up after itself. But the links should all work.] The latest from Tumblr … Continue reading

Digest: Tumblr 2008mar09

These digests are described here, Briefs 5a, now Tumblrd [preparedness, accessibility] Horseradish smell fire-alarm for waking up deaf people Horseradish smell fire-alarm for waking up deaf people Nelson sez, “Japanese researchers have developed a fire alarm that sprays the … Continue reading

Bring health info to communities

The library at the University of Utah has a valuable service in a web log (blog) format. The format is especially good at providing links to information resources quickly with a minimum of Internet fuss (suitable for rural and remote … Continue reading

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

from BHIC National Indian Women’s Health Web Site The National Indian Women’s Health Resource Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist American Indian and Alaska Native women in achieving and maintaining optimal health and cultural well-being for … Continue reading