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Tumblred weeks of 25may, 1june, 8june 2008

[aging, Liz Taylor] How to Find an eldercare provider that is right for your parents [anthropology, rural development] College student opens Kotzebue fabric shop [rural, remote] Regional inequality rampant in provision of basic services in Finland [energy, rural] Fuel prices … Continue reading

Tumblr for week of 22mar2008

[health, tribal law] Court allows suit against tribe for faulty homes I don’t know how this is related to the Blue Legs decision, but that may also be relevant. Tribal governments have a trust responsibility towards their members as part … Continue reading

Anthropology in a climate of change, war, and internecine environments 1

[In process] Background* Part 1** Part 2*** [separate post] * Background I think there is a need for anthropological perspective in any issue of human existence. It is a sad irony that the discipline (science) which is most comprehensive and … Continue reading

Lydia T. Black audio memorials

Both of these memorials are very interesting and nicely done. Unalaska public radio Lydia Black, scholar of the Aleutians, dies at 81 KIAL News UNALASKA, AK (2007-03-13) One of the most renowned scholars of Unangan culture and art has passed … Continue reading

50 reasons not to change

It’s amazing just how many languages (and dichos) would fit this. I first ran across this in New Mexico in 1991 very apropos at that time RE: women in the highway and environment departments. The specific source is in deep … Continue reading