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Tumblrd 2008april19

Tumblr Regular Post Digest for hlthenvt [superlative thinking, bird flu] more bird flu than …thought [health, bird flu] Brit TV company blamed for Peruvian tribal deaths >Brit TV company blamed for Peruvian tribal deaths Researcher carried flu, claim indigenous … Continue reading

Anthropology in a climate of change, war, and internecine environments 2

[In process] Background* Part 1** Part 2*** From a follow-up to the newslist discussion about anthropology and climate change– Q. “So…what can we do to solve this problem? Can we think like engineers?” Please, don’t. Not even anthropological engineers. For … Continue reading

Traditional foods guide

from NAEP Native Access to Engineering Programme First aboriginal food guide balances traditional, practical and from CBC [read the entire story here] “Bannock, berries, wild game and canned milk are part of a new version of Canada’s Food Guide, … Continue reading

50 reasons not to change

It’s amazing just how many languages (and dichos) would fit this. I first ran across this in New Mexico in 1991 very apropos at that time RE: women in the highway and environment departments. The specific source is in deep … Continue reading

Pay for performance

What is supposed to work in schools, similarly with alcohol control and Wall Street, seems to operate on belief rather than an examination of what is and then formulating testable ideas on what, if anything, needs doing. Belief is an … Continue reading