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Trash money available SWMP

Not a lot of money for clean-up or closing but the projects eligible are broad. Solid Waste Management – Region 10 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10, requests proposals for Solid Waste Management Assistance Grants. Projects may include studies, … Continue reading

SWMP EPA grants

dejá vu Open dumps were supposed to be closed in 1993 and the deadline was extended 5 years. I think it’s time to find out why they are allowed to still exist. Of course, just 20 awards per year doesn’t … Continue reading

Rural SWMP Solid Waste Management Planning

I’m trying to assemble what I have used when working with rural communities on their solid waste. I hope these materials will be useful to others. These materials may be modified to suit others. Unless otherwise noted, this Rural SWMP … Continue reading

SWMP USDA grants

I don’t know about this USDA source but can go find out more. It makes too much sense to integrate solid waste management with protecting water and supporting healthy rural life. Solid Waste Management The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests … Continue reading

SWMP flying anuk

Someone once told me that they thought the new dump should be far from the Village because of the smell. A well-designed and maintained rural landfill shouldn’t smell. But smells aren’t the only thing that travels back to a community … Continue reading