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Tumblr Post Digest for hlthenvt

[My apologies for the messy formatting and duplicates. I still can’t get the Yahoo Pipes Cleaner to work properly. It isn’t collecting all requested and doesn’t clean up after itself. But the links should all work.] The latest from Tumblr … Continue reading

Tumblrd 2008april19

Tumblr Regular Post Digest for hlthenvt [superlative thinking, bird flu] more bird flu than …thought [health, bird flu] Brit TV company blamed for Peruvian tribal deaths >Brit TV company blamed for Peruvian tribal deaths Researcher carried flu, claim indigenous … Continue reading

Beautiful Bethel beaches

First inhabitants were told by the first people not to set up a permanent residence on this bank. They didn’t listen then or now. Many people still think throwing heavy metal contaminated vehicles into a river will save their skivvies. … Continue reading

Do it yourself machine shop

In case you hadn’t seen this on the other site, I urge those readers interested in recycling, appropriate technology, and self-sufficiency to take a look. Be sure to read the first comment. Truck-parts-based machine shop old cars, trucks, sno-gos … Continue reading

The Anthropology of Human Survival

Originally (1985) the discussion focussed on Nuclear Winter. But the basics of what it means to be human are relevant to tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes among other tragedies. The late 20th century as in the late 14th century (and in … Continue reading