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50 reasons not to change

It’s amazing just how many languages (and dichos) would fit this. I first ran across this in New Mexico in 1991 very apropos at that time RE: women in the highway and environment departments. The specific source is in deep … Continue reading

Biocultural Dimensions of Environment and Health

Bumsted, M. Pamela, Karen S. Young, and Leon H. Tafoya 1994 Biocultural Dimensions of Health and Environment. In John S. Andrews, Howard Frumkin, Barry L. Johnson, Myron A. Mehlman, Charles Xintaras, and Jeanne A. Bucsela, eds. Hazardous Waste and Public … Continue reading

The Anthropology of Human Survival

Originally (1985) the discussion focussed on Nuclear Winter. But the basics of what it means to be human are relevant to tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes among other tragedies. The late 20th century as in the late 14th century (and in … Continue reading

Rural Charm

“Rural Charm” Rural communities face classes of environmental challenges which can be outlined as I have done for the northern Pueblos. Various efforts by various means are or have been directed towards alleviating or “solving” these conditions. But fundamental to … Continue reading