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Online database of best practices in sustainability and environmental management

These would best be used as idea starters for rural and remote communities. SustainLane Government [pdf] Based in San Francisco, SustainLane Government was started in 2004. Their primary goal is to provide an online database of best practices in … Continue reading

What’s Up for Alaska environmental issues

This is a great weekly E-mail newslist of events of interest, notices of regulatory hearings, grants available, training, internships, etc. related to the environment. I put a couple of examples below. >WHAT’S UP – Compiled Weekly by Peg Tileston On … Continue reading

Rural SWMP Solid Waste Management Planning

I’m trying to assemble what I have used when working with rural communities on their solid waste. I hope these materials will be useful to others. These materials may be modified to suit others. Unless otherwise noted, this Rural SWMP … Continue reading

Anthropology in a climate of change, war, and internecine environments 1

[In process] Background* Part 1** Part 2*** [separate post] * Background I think there is a need for anthropological perspective in any issue of human existence. It is a sad irony that the discipline (science) which is most comprehensive and … Continue reading

Proposal to expand the capacity of communities to develop healthy families through the VISTA program

VISTA project for 1997 Excerpts from the successful proposal I wrote for expanding the capacity of communities to develop healthy families through the VISTA program 22 September 1996 TO: Center for National Service, Alaska Office (VISTA) The three VISTAs in … Continue reading