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Tumblr Regular Post Digest for hlthenvt [Not much of a weekly update, eh?] [trash] Plastic bags banished from Old Crow People in the isolated Gwich’in community of Old Crow, Yukon, are using plastic bags – more precisely, the absence … Continue reading

Trash money available SWMP

Not a lot of money for clean-up or closing but the projects eligible are broad. Solid Waste Management – Region 10 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10, requests proposals for Solid Waste Management Assistance Grants. Projects may include studies, … Continue reading

Anthropology in a climate of change, war, and internecine environments 2

[In process] Background* Part 1** Part 2*** From a follow-up to the newslist discussion about anthropology and climate change– Q. “So…what can we do to solve this problem? Can we think like engineers?” Please, don’t. Not even anthropological engineers. For … Continue reading

Adverse birth outcomes associated with open dumpsites in Alaska Native Villages

Adverse birth outcomes associated with open dumpsites in Alaska Native Villages. Gilbreath S, Kass PH Am J Epidemiol. 2006 Sep 15; 164(6): 518-28 This retrospective cohort study evaluated adverse birth outcomes in infants whose birth records indicated maternal residence in … Continue reading

SWMP flying anuk

Someone once told me that they thought the new dump should be far from the Village because of the smell. A well-designed and maintained rural landfill shouldn’t smell. But smells aren’t the only thing that travels back to a community … Continue reading