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Antiques as HazArt (Mercury)

Mercury used to be part of the preservation technique in museums, as a bug killer. This makes analyzing museum specimens for environmental change difficult (pre- and post-industrial; regional ecological change in water, temperature, etc over time using stable nuclides; etc.) … Continue reading

Tumblr Post Digest for hlthenvt

[My apologies for the messy formatting and duplicates. I still can’t get the Yahoo Pipes Cleaner to work properly. It isn’t collecting all requested and doesn’t clean up after itself. But the links should all work.] The latest from Tumblr … Continue reading

Interim rural solid waste management IIb

IIb Captions to illustrations (fax) Salvage Area—away from designated dumping areas; keep clear of trash Cover material stockpile or backdirt, near designated working face Trench—maybe 8-12 feet deep and 15-20 ft wide active cell is as small as possible but … Continue reading