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Nuclear Winter transmittal letter

This really belongs with the post but I only just located it. The Anthropology of Human Survival – the-anthropology-of-human-survival/ mpb DATE: May 8, 1986 IN REPLY TO: CHM-1/86-349-MPB Chemistry Division NAME, ADDRESS The enclosed document, NUCLEAR WINTER: THE ANTHROPOLOGY … Continue reading

How One Nuclear Skirmish Could Wreck the Planet

c.f., Nuclear Winter the Human Effects at The Anthropology of Human Survival – WASHINGTON ­ Even a small nuclear exchange could ignite mega-firestorms and wreck the planets atmosphere. New climatological simulations show 100 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs ­ relatively … Continue reading

regional nuclear war climate change?

In 1985 I put together a panel of scientific experts to identify what the human effects of a nuclear weapons exchange might mean (as far as I know, still the only such report) and then assisted in the discussion in … Continue reading

New Zealand after Nuclear War

Anthropological Aspects of “New Zealand after Nuclear War” [1987-1988] Comments on the findings of the book, NZ after NW, are due to the Minister of the Environment by 27 November 1987. Written ideas for an anthropological submission to the Ministry … Continue reading

The Anthropology of Human Survival

Originally (1985) the discussion focussed on Nuclear Winter. But the basics of what it means to be human are relevant to tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes among other tragedies. The late 20th century as in the late 14th century (and in … Continue reading