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Alaska at the national anthropology conference 2007

106th AAA (American Anthropological Association) Annual Meeting Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2007 Washington, DC The abstracts are not on-line, but it may be possible to do an Internet search on the author’s names to find their contact information. Governing … Continue reading

Traditional foods guide

from NAEP Native Access to Engineering Programme First aboriginal food guide balances traditional, practical and from CBC [read the entire story here] “Bannock, berries, wild game and canned milk are part of a new version of Canada’s Food Guide, … Continue reading

Public involvement how-to readings

I don’t use the term “stakeholders” because of my experience with the US Department of Energy. Too often when an institution or agency speaks about “stakeholders” they mean they hold the stake while the community gets stucked. I am after … Continue reading

Menu to Midden: Human food system

© 1985, mpb This model is a means for visualizing the place garbage has in our lives. We can also use this model to understand how changes in diet, the environment, and the social system feed [sic] into one another: … Continue reading

Biocultural Dimensions of Environment and Health

Bumsted, M. Pamela, Karen S. Young, and Leon H. Tafoya 1994 Biocultural Dimensions of Health and Environment. In John S. Andrews, Howard Frumkin, Barry L. Johnson, Myron A. Mehlman, Charles Xintaras, and Jeanne A. Bucsela, eds. Hazardous Waste and Public … Continue reading