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Rural SWMP Solid Waste Management Planning

I’m trying to assemble what I have used when working with rural communities on their solid waste. I hope these materials will be useful to others. These materials may be modified to suit others. Unless otherwise noted, this Rural SWMP … Continue reading

Manuals Available to Assist Communities with Solid Waste Planning and Education

These have been the best resources I’ve found for integrated solid waste management planning by small remote communities. Unfortunately, some of these resources have gone out of print. When I can, I’ll try to update their locations. Changing Waste in … Continue reading

My Skills identified by Alaska’s Job Center

The State of Alaska has a new system that identifies skills. Mine include the following. But really, anyone who has been a graduate teaching assistant has had to gain a lot of these skills; anyone who has had to write … Continue reading

Tumblr Post Digest for hlthenvt

[My apologies for the messy formatting and duplicates. I still can’t get the Yahoo Pipes Cleaner to work properly. It isn’t collecting all requested and doesn’t clean up after itself. But the links should all work.] The latest from Tumblr … Continue reading

Tumblr 15june, 22june, 29june, 6july, 13july, 20july2008

Tumblr Regular Post Digest for hlthenvt [Not much of a weekly update, eh?] [trash] Plastic bags banished from Old Crow People in the isolated Gwich’in community of Old Crow, Yukon, are using plastic bags – more precisely, the absence … Continue reading