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Public involvement how-to readings

I don’t use the term “stakeholders” because of my experience with the US Department of Energy. Too often when an institution or agency speaks about “stakeholders” they mean they hold the stake while the community gets stucked. I am after … Continue reading

Public involvement references

I put together a set of references on the technical field of public involvement, risk communication, etc. Getting Results from Your Experts – Site Search Tags: public+involvement, risk+communication, planning, culture, NEPA

Tumblr Post Digest for hlthenvt

[My apologies for the messy formatting and duplicates. I still can’t get the Yahoo Pipes Cleaner to work properly. It isn’t collecting all requested and doesn’t clean up after itself. But the links should all work.] The latest from Tumblr … Continue reading

Tumblred weeks of 25may, 1june, 8june 2008

[aging, Liz Taylor] How to Find an eldercare provider that is right for your parents [anthropology, rural development] College student opens Kotzebue fabric shop [rural, remote] Regional inequality rampant in provision of basic services in Finland [energy, rural] Fuel prices … Continue reading

Readings for analysis and interpretation, sciencing

I acquired the original set of readings through recommendations from my Oxford tutor. I added others from my own experience, especially browsing authentic bookstores and open stack libraries. I combined them into a set for teaching a university course in … Continue reading