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Solid waste management in emergencies

WHO WEDC emergency notes has the list of tech guides available from WHO. One of the notes is about solid waste. Many of their suggestions are the same as the ones I developed with rural northern Alaska Villages for interim … Continue reading

Rural SWMP Solid Waste Management Planning

I’m trying to assemble what I have used when working with rural communities on their solid waste. I hope these materials will be useful to others. These materials may be modified to suit others. Unless otherwise noted, this Rural SWMP … Continue reading

Interim rural solid waste management IV

Suggested Steps that Might Be Taken Immediately, with Currently Available Resources, to Improve Solid Waste Management and to Alleviate Problems at the Dump These suggestions for short-term initiatives are something new we’re trying out, in response to your suggestions and … Continue reading

Interim rural solid waste management IIb

IIb Captions to illustrations (fax) Salvage Area—away from designated dumping areas; keep clear of trash Cover material stockpile or backdirt, near designated working face Trench—maybe 8-12 feet deep and 15-20 ft wide active cell is as small as possible but … Continue reading

Interim rural solid waste management II

Diagrams and annotated aerial photos, transferred by fax Here are my crude and rude sketches as suggestions for immediate action at the dump. The overall idea is to use the signs and the physical grading (the trench, backdirt piles, cleared … Continue reading