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In 1960…

[thimk] my Grandfather, a wonderful caring man from Halifax and Pittsylvania counties Virginia, refused to vote for John Kennedy– because Kennedy was Catholic. My parents could first vote for a President in 1960, because of the 12-month residency restrictions on voting then (until the voting rights act)

At 7:01 PM Alaska time, just as California polls closed, I burst into tears. I wasn’t prepared for my reaction. It’s been a long time since 1960. Let’s hope Nixon and the southern strategy are gone for good.

[Maybe science will come back?]

50 reasons not to change

small 50 reasons
It’s amazing just how many languages (and dichos) would fit this. I first ran across this in New Mexico in 1991 very apropos at that time RE: women in the highway and environment departments. The specific source is in deep storage (still) but I’m hoping the creator will recognize it and let me know.

In Alaska I’ve heard, “you’re too thoughtful” and “you can’t expect them to understand…”

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small 50 reasons
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