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New Zealand after Nuclear War

Anthropological Aspects of “New Zealand after Nuclear War” [1987-1988]

Comments on the findings of the book, NZ after NW, are due to the Minister of the Environment by 27 November 1987. Written ideas for an anthropological submission to the Ministry are needed by 5 November to M. Pamela Bumsted.

References and background material are located in the Piddington library, main library, or UGRR.

At the Women and Anthropology Group open meeting three reasons were identified for including anthropology in policy discussions

  • we have resources and expertise to help develop the vocabulary and appropriate context for consideration of this topic by the public
  • we have specific information on how humans adapt or fail to cope, especially relevant to New Zealand (and the Pacific)
  • we should raise issues relevant to expertise from other disciplines which we feel are important (e.g., ethics of emigration and immigration policy)

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Girl Scout Hovercrafts

GS AKHovercrafts Handouts

This is a handout for Girl Scout Women of Science and Technology Day, held 2006 February 18 in Bethel, Alaska (Susitna Council . We had great fun testing ideas of friction and Newton’s third law, from Kindergarteners to intermediate school girls (and adults).

powering up the hovercraft

The last page of the handout is from Howtoons (see URL in the GS AKHovercrafts

Alaska Hovercraft (Lynden) kindly sponsored the handout reproduction.

(see more about the Alaska Hovercraft,

2009-08-15 From bOING-bOING comes links to the 50th anniversary of the hovercraft–
Hovercraft’s 50th anniversary and a human-powered version

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Hire the overqualified 1

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